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The world's smallest 4G/LTE-capable USB router!


  The world's smallest 4G/LTE-capable USB router!
  Connects to the mobile Internet via a USB modem.
  Operates in Routed/Bridged Mode with specific USB modems (NEW!)
  Able to throughput mobile broadband data speeds of 70 Mbps!
  World's first USB router to include a Smart USB port, for repowering the inserted USB modem!
  Shares out the single internet connection via WiFi and/or LAN.
  Can be used with any operator, anywhere at anytime.
  Auto-configures itself for Mobile Internet (currently in select nations, more to follow).
  Automatic link failover (USB to WAN port, WAN port to USB).
  Connection Status Overview bar, bringing you relevant connection stats.
  Maintains your Internet uptime with help of the Connection Tracker.
  Firmware upgradeable for cool new features and USB modems!
  Video setup tutorials available online.


Interacts with your mobile phone!

  Select your tollgate, and get an SMS to alert you of your monthly data consumption.
  Send short commands from your phone to your DOVADO TINY (Restart, Connect, Disconnect, Status)
  Get SMS notifications of any changes to your Internet connection (including link fail-over).

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